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3in1 Tech is a Sacramento based Information Technology (IT) company

Complete Enterprise Resource and Technology (CERT) Managed Services

The most current trend in outsourced IT support is Managed Services. This is a flat rate option which includes all the essential services a company may need. 3in1 Tech offers CERT Managed Services for companies, with up to 50 seats, whose aim is to simplify and streamline their IT support relationship.

CERT Managed Services Features (included in both options):

  • Remote Monitoring and Management – Daily and hourly checks of hardware and software on systems and remediation of problems.
    Automated maintenance – Tune ups and installation of patches for common software.
  • Reporting – Reports of system status available daily, weekly or monthly as desired.
  • Remote Support Tools – Includes the software used to provide remote support.
  • Antivirus – Managed antivirus and remediation of detected threats.
  • Web Protection – Restriction or reporting of web browsing as desired.
  • Backup – Full disaster recovery of server (on-premise and cloud backup) and backup of documents on workstations.
  • Email – Office 365 Exchange Online service and all mailbox management.
  • OneDrive / SharePoint – Office 365 cloud file services and its management.
  • IT Management – Meetings and planning for IT services.

3in1 Tech offers two CERT options as shown below. Please contact us for a pricing quote.

Option 1: Remote Managed Services – Unlimited Remote Support and Managed Services

  • Includes all CERT Managed Services features listed above.
  • Unlimited remote support for system and software issues.
  • Hardware troubleshooting and replacement is not provided with this option, and for this reason, a good warranty is recommended for your hardware.
  • On-site or other non-included services are provided at a discount rate of $110 per hour.
  • 3in1 Tech must be included on all IT planning.

Option 2: Premium Managed Services – Unlimited On-Site Support, Hardware and Managed Services

  • Includes all CERT Managed Services features listed above, plus:
    • Unlimited On-site Service for managed systems.
    • Includes Hardware: Desktops, Laptops and Servers – Systems which are older than the agreement term will be replaced at engagement, and all systems will be replaced each term. Network equipment (routers, switches, printers and wireless) can be added.
    • Includes Office Desktop Software – The latest release of Microsoft Office 365 is included with managed hardware.
  • All systems must use the most current release of supported operating system and software.
  • All hardware covered by agreement must have an active warranty from the manufacturer during entire term. This can be accomplished by extending the warranty period or reducing the service term. Three years is the recommended term for workstation replacement, and four years for servers.
  • 3in1 Tech must be included in all IT planning. All changes to IT related services must include 3in1 Tech as part of the decision process.

More Information:
Call 3in1 Tech at (916) 907-7971. Our phones are answered Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM (Pacific Time) by real, knowledgeable people who live and work in northern California. You may also click here to send us an email or complete our online information request.

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